Dancing in the Storm

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries5 Minutes

As Kevin and Linda experienced heartaches and trials, they found God preparing showers of blessings in their midst.

A massive storm had descended on Kevin and Linda. Kevin’s health was deteriorating, and their bills were rapidly climbing far higher than Linda’s ministry income.

“All we could do was cling to our hope in God. We prayed and begged for His direction,” recalls Linda.

One night while watching Inspiration Ministries, Linda felt the Holy Spirit move her to sow a seed of faith – in spite of their financial distress. All she had was five dollars. With Kevin in agreement, she called to ask if they could sow such a small amount. Assured that no amount is too small when the Holy Spirit is leading you, Linda sowed her seed.

“The next day, while waiting on that seed (to trigger a harvest), I went looking for extra work. I hadn’t been gone long when my husband called, ‘You can come home! Our ship has come in!’

“‘What ship?’ I asked him. He said a check for $5,000 had arrived. I had to go home and see that check for myself! Sure enough, God honored our faith and confirmed that Inspiration Ministries was good ground!”

Years passed with Linda faithfully serving God and sowing into God’s Kingdom through Inspiration Ministries. Her husband’s health declined, but God’s favor increased. “We laughed at the illness together because we knew we couldn’t lose in the end.” With Kevin’s health worsening, Linda realized that he was the ministry God had entrusted to her in that season, so she withdrew from public ministry.

While Kevin slept, Linda worked on fulfilling a lifetime calling. “My mother bought me my first typewriter when I was ten. Fear of rejection kept me from ever pursuing publication. But over the years, God kept showing me a problem I knew He wanted me to write about – helping young people know they are designed by Him.” Her first book was born from that burden. As Kevin’s health declined further, his care needs increased, and Linda was unable to market her book. Yet she continued to sow as God led her and trusted His plan.

The following year while she prepared for a rare afternoon outing, the phone rang. On the line was a woman Linda had spiritually mentored for years. “Could I stop by for just a minute? My family and I want to bless you,” the caller requested. Setting her plans aside, Linda waited – and received the surprise of her life. The blessing the caller wanted to deliver was a check for $20,000! “In the midst of the storm, life just kept increasing for us,” Linda shares with awe.

But increases in life are not without losses. Kevin’s health storm ended in 2019 with a promotion to Heaven. “He is fine now. My grief is for my loss of him – not for him. Ours is a wonderful love story; he showed me what a real man of God is like. I promised him I would write a book about it called Dancing in the Storm because that’s what we did – that’s what love does. My grief now is simply evidence of love enjoyed.”

The love of God sustained Kevin and Linda – and still holds Linda strong. God’s love never fails or ends. Although her life is not perfect, she knows no storm can destroy God’s purpose for her. Her sowing continues, and her life is still increasing. Today, God has provided friends who have pledged to help her with her bills, her book, and her work for the Lord. “God has released me to finish my ministry,” Linda declares. “This is a new beginning.”