Changing Lives in Costa Rica

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries3 Minutes

Fewer than five million people live in the small Latin American country of Costa Rica, but each of them is precious to God. Ben Cerullo took a team there to proclaim the Gospel and equip believers to reach their nation for Christ.

During Ben’s powerful meetings, God changed lives and restored hope to many. A young lady named Cristal shared that, a few months before Ben’s visit, she had decided to walk away from the Lord. “My life had no purpose,” she reports, “and I didn’t want to go back to church. I just wanted to disappear.”

But Cristal’s life was deeply impacted when she heard Ben share his testimony of running from God until he ended up at the point of death in a hospital bed: “When I heard Ben’s story, I remembered that God did the same for me, sending an angel to deliver me one night when I almost died.”

In addition to being convicted by Ben’s testimony, an even bigger transformation came to Cristal when the Lord restored her awareness of His purpose for her life. “When I heard Ben’s teachings, God spoke to me and said, ‘Cristal, you have a very big PURPOSE, but you will have to go through My PROCESS.’”

That was a huge revelation to Cristal and one she will always be grateful for: “I give thanks to God for using Ben’s example to show me my purpose and give me new hope!”

A Higher Level

Another young woman, Katherine, had come back to the Lord six years ago, when Ben first ministered in Costa Rica. “When Ben returned this year, my life was impacted again,” she says. “I came back to my first love, and God brought me to a higher level. My fears have gone, and they have been replaced by faith.”

During Ben’s ministry trip, God dealt with past failures that had been haunting Katherine’s life and holding her back from her calling. “I saw that God doesn’t look at my past, but instead to my future,” she says. “The Lord has brought me from failure to victory, and I’m so grateful for Ben’s great example and blessing.”