Celebrating a Life Well Lived: Dr. Pat Robertson (1930-2023)

David CerulloBy David Cerullo2 Minutes

A Statement by David Cerullo, Chairman and CEO, Inspiration Ministries

It was with great sadness that I learned of the death of Marion Gordon “Pat” Robertson earlier today. This was a personal loss. I had the privilege of knowing Pat. He had been an inspiration to me and the Inspiration Ministries family. He was here in Lancaster County, SC, for the dedication of our campus and became a source of encouragement. Needless to say, Inspiration Ministries, INSP LLC, and all our ventures would have been impossible without his example and pathfinding leadership.

Pat was a pioneer, a visionary, and an innovator. A man who dreamed big dreams. His inspirations included Regent University. He created the Christian Broadcasting Network at a time when satellite-delivered television was just a theory. He launched what became the “Family Channel” more than fifty years ago, becoming among the first cable networks. Today’s media landscape bears his unmistakable imprint.

Pat was an ordained minister but also a brilliant thinker, who put his faith into action. Pat was willing to speak out on issues, even running for President. The son of a U.S. Senator and law school graduate, he had a profound understanding of history and the political realm. Those he interviewed on the 700 Club TV show frequently were astonished by the breadth of his understanding and the depth of his grasp of issues.

Pat left a great example. We will miss him.

David Cerullo