Better Vision for a Better Life

Better Vision for a Better Life

Ben CerulloBy Ben Cerullo5 Minutes

If you want a better life, Jesus says the first step is to have a new set of eyes, enabling you to see things from God’s perspective (Matthew 6:22-23). Yet none of us has perfect vision. We all need to have our mind renewed daily by God’s Word and His Spirit (Romans 12:2).

Mark 8:22-26 tells the intriguing story of a blind man in Bethsaida who begged Jesus to touch him and restore his sight. Jesus had healed countless other people during His ministry, so this certainly wasn’t a difficult request for Him.

But instead of healing him immediately, Jesus took the blind man by the hand and led him out of the town” (v. 23). The text here doesn’t explain why Jesus felt it necessary to remove the man from his town before healing him, but we get another clue when Jesus instructed the man after he was healed, “Neither go into the town, nor tell anyone in the town” (v. 26).

So why was Jesus so intent on keeping this man out of the town? I believe the answer is this: Jesus recognized that if the man allowed himself to be influenced by the unbelief of his surroundings, he would struggle to receive and maintain the breakthrough he needed. So Jesus removed him from the place of unbelief before healing him, and then warned him not to go back and be influenced by the townspeople after he received his sight. No doubt, they would have attempted to talk him out of his experience and undermine his faith.

The lesson is this: If you need a miracle from God today, make sure to surround yourself with people of faith. Stay away from naysayers who try to tear down your confidence in God’s promises.

Seeing Everything Clearly

Ordinarily, when Jesus prayed for someone to be healed, the miracle was instantaneous and complete. But this story is different. First, the Master spit on the blind man’s eyes, and then He put His hands on him. When Jesus asked if he could now see anything, the man looked up and said, I see men like trees, walking” (v. 24). In other words, he had received a partial healing, but his eyesight was still blurry.

I meet many Believers who are very similar to this man from Bethsaida. Jesus has touched their lives and saved them. Their sins are forgiven, and they have a home in Heaven—but their vision still is blurry. They don’t have a clear view of God, the people around them, or even of their own calling. If this is your experience today, you may need a second touch from the Master!

Thankfully, Jesus isn’t content to leave you or me with blurry vision—and we shouldn’t be content to stay in that condition either. When Jesus heard that the man’s vision was still fuzzy, He put His hands on his eyes again and made him look up. And he was restored and saw everyone clearly” (v. 25).

Isn’t that a beautiful statement? Just like this man, Jesus wants you to see everyone and everything in your life CLEARLY!

Friend, when you see your Heavenly Father’s love and favor clearly, everything else in your life will change as well. Your health, your finances, your emotions, your relationships—every area of your life will be transformed when you catch a clear glimpse of the Father’s incredible love for you.

So don’t settle for blurry vision! Keep pursuing the Lord until your spiritual eyesight is clear and your life has been made new.

“When you see your Heavenly Father’s love
and favor clearly, everything else in your life
will change as well.”