Higher Than Our Ways

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Fifty years ago as the nationwide Jesus Movement began, Bruce surrendered his life to the Lord and never looked back.

“I could just see God had His hand on my generation. Hal Lindsey’s book The Late Great Planet Earth convinced me the world as I knew it was about to end! But decades have passed, and I’m still here.”

A special connection between Bruce and Inspiration Ministries began over a decade ago. As a Christian screenwriter, he was drawn to an international evangelical, media ministry. “I’ve grown and learned a lot,” said Bruce. “Inspiration Ministries has been a part of my growing.”

Recently, an Inspiration Ministries prayer minister called Bruce to see if he had any prayer needs. When the call came, Bruce’s heart had been deeply burdened about a family conflict that had no apparent resolution.

Manipulated into cosigning an auto loan for a family member, Bruce was left with a strained relationship and diminished finances. After being disqualified from a mortgage he needed because of the cosigning, he saw little hope of getting out of the situation. Bruce welcomed a partner in prayer.

Just ten days later, the car Bruce cosigned for was totaled in an accident. No people were injured, and in a single moment of time, the entire financial mess disappeared. “Prayer works!” chuckled Bruce.

Restoring the relationship took a bit more time, but God’s ways worked there too! He shared his story to encourage others facing an impossible situation. “God’s ways are higher than ours, and He can work out things that are far beyond us. You can trust Him!”

What God has done for Bruce, He can do for you! As you sow your seeds, ask Him to give you the breakthrough you need!
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