You Can’t Outgive God

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

When Sandra desperately needed a breakthrough, God used Inspiration Campmeeting to stir her faith for the promises of His Word.

Our Campmeeting program stirred Sandra’s heart to remember who God is and how He loves her!

Living on a fixed income can make giving feel like an impossibility, but as she listened to the show, she remembered, “Nothing is impossible with God!” Sandra then raised her hands to Heaven, seeking the favor of God.

After praying, she called the Campmeeting line to become a partner. Favor from God immediately flooded Sandra’s life. One of the first blessings was a gift delivery: she received a brand new mattress and box spring set – along with new bedding! Overjoyed at the gift and God’s goodness, Sandra instantly saw this as a sign of God’s favor because of her giving.

Just over a month later, Sandra paid her rent as usual. Oddly, though, the check was not cashed as it usually was. She went to the apartment manager, who looked up her account and said, “You have a credit balance. You do not have to pay rent this month!”

Oddly enough, there was no notation of where the credit came from, but Sandra is sure she knows. “God’s ways are not ours. He’s just showing me how He takes care of me. I love being able to give to the ministry and reach more for Jesus. I want everyone to know how great He is. I’m believing Him for everything I need – and for increased income, so I can give more!”