Hattie’s Legacy

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries1 Minutes

In the late 1800s, Dr. Russell Conwell came to pastor a tiny church in Philadelphia, PA. His inspiring words packed the church to overflowing every week. One Sunday on his way in to preach, a crying child on the street outside touched his heart. Her name was Hattie May, and she sobbed out, “I want to be in Sunday School, but there’s no room for me.”

The pastor carried her inside and promised that one day they would have enough money to build a church big enough for everyone. She listened attentively and took it to heart when Dr. Conwell told the congregation they would build a larger church soon.

Hattie May began saving her pennies for the church, but tragically, she soon became ill and died. Dr. Conwell was asked to preach at her funeral, and the parents brought in Hattie May’s tattered red purse with its 57¢ and a crumpled note:

This is to help build the little church bigger, so more children can go to Sunday School.

Dr. Conwell honored Hattie May’s life by using her story to raise funds for what is now known as The Baptist Temple in Philadelphia, PA. This church eventually birthed Temple University and its affiliated hospital!