Faith Delivered a Dream Home!

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Sowing a seed of faith isn’t about the money. God has all the money He needs and generously gives gifts to those who trust Him. Sowing seed is an act of faith in God’s love and provision. He blesses steps of faith every time, and we love hearing and sharing those testimonies!

Recently, Glen, a real estate agent in Florida shared how a Campmeeting broadcast stirred his heart, but he resisted the idea of writing a large check in uncertain times. The call to trust God by giving stretched Glen beyond his comfort zone. “Money was kind of tight, and I didn’t want to sow a seed.”

Instead, Glen poured extra effort into his real estate business to build up his income, so he could give more easily. He really enjoyed helping buyers purchase their dream homes, but a hot seller’s market made closing a deal challenging. When a client’s full price offer was beat out by another realtor’s client, Glen turned to God for some help.

“I started praying in the morning because I was getting a little discouraged. I had worked so hard for my buyers. That day another Campmeeting show came on, and the speaker’s message convicted me: ‘If it weren’t for God, you wouldn’t have anything in your life.’ Right then, I decided it was time to sow my seed of faith and proclaim a supernatural breakthrough for my clients.

“By God’s grace, things turned around hours later! My client’s dream home came back on the market, and by evening, we had it under contract. Sowing my seed showed God I was willing to step out in faith and put everything in His hands, and I can’t stop praising His goodness!”