Charitable Gift Annuity

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration MinistriesSeptember 27, 20195 Minutes

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A friend told me once that his financial goal in life was to provide for his family, give generously to Christian ministries for as long as he lived, and then to die broke (but not in debt).  I like his strategy except that only the Lord knows our appointed day.  Since we DON’T know when we’ll die, we all face the very real risk of outliving our money.

However, there IS a safe and elegant giving vehicle that can help Christian ministry AND guarantee you’ll never outlive your money!

I’m Rob Dickson and I want to share with you one of the best techniques for stewarding the resources God’s entrusted to you.  Now that you’ve accumulated some savings, ask yourself, what does God want you to accomplish with it and how fast should you spend it?

One extreme is just hold on to it, like the man who buried his master’s talents in the ground.  He kept it safe but accomplished nothing and God wasn’t pleased.  On the other extreme, if you spend it down too quickly, you may run out, become a burden to your family and look foolish for spending all the money you ever made.  I don’t think God wants that either.  We need a balance.  Fortunately, there is a solution, a powerful tool that lets you spread out your assets over your lifetime.  It actually pays you and your spouse as long as either one of you is living.  So, it takes care of you both and, unlike my friend’s plan, it doesn’t require you to know when that day will come or even which one of you will die first.

It’s called a Charitable Gift Annuity or CGA.  This financial tool can generate an income for you and your family, it will help your favorite charity, you’ll get a tax deduction and a portion of your payout comes to you tax free.  It’s really just a simple agreement.  You transfer an asset…money, stock, property…and in return, you receive a check (or direct deposit) every three months in equal installments for the remainder of your lifetime and your spouse’s lifetime.

You may wonder, how much ARE these quarterly checks that I’d receive?  Call me or email me and I’ll give you the numbers for your situation. Basically, it depends how much you start with.  The minimum is $10,000 but if you put in $100,000 then each check will be ten times as much.  The payout also depends on your age when you set it up.  If you’re younger, you’ll probably live longer and get more checks.  If you’re older, you’ll receive fewer checks over your lifetime, but each check will be larger.

A Charitable Gift Annuity is a safe way to ensure that your money accomplishes what you want it to.  How safe?  To make sure your CGA is secure and payments are always on time, we at Inspiration Ministries works through the National Christian Foundation.  They’re the largest grant-making foundation in the world. To give you extra peace of mind, they insure all CGAs through an independent insurance carrier.  So even if something happened to Inspiration Ministries and to National Christian Foundation, you would still receive your checks.

Please call me or email me today.  I look FORWARD to answering any questions you might have and helping you set up your CGA.  You’ll rest secure knowing you can never outlive your money and, after you and your spouse are both home with the Lord, any remaining money is used to benefit Christian ministry.  May God bless you and ALL your financial plans.