Miracle at Gate 213: A God-Designed Delay

Jasmine SmithBy Jasmine SmithDecember 14, 20214 Minutes


Holiday travel holds enough stress of its own. Top that with an unexpected weather delay on Christmas Eve and you will certainly understand the rising frustrations of stranded travelers as they impatiently wait for their flight’s departure. With each passenger facing internal battles of their own, all could use a personal miracle.

It’s an interesting mixture of personalities stranded at Gate 213 – including the Peddingtons, a tell-it-like-it-is couple that brings the perfect comedic relief with their below-the-belt sarcastic punchlines as they bicker back and forth on differences in opinions throughout the night. One differing opinion is of a young man named Nick. His rugged tattoos and appearance make some hold their belongings just a little tighter when he walks by. But never judge a book by its cover.

A precious little girl named Joy (Savannah Paige Rae, “Parenthood”) immediately steals your heart, even though hers is a little broken by the fact that she won’t spend Christmas with her father this year. Still healing from her mother’s recent death, Joy’s father has decided to let her stay with relatives until he is in a better place. His act of doing what he feels is best, of course, is misunderstood by little Joy as a desire to get rid of her. Traveling alone, Joy is comforted by Rita, an older woman of much wisdom who, too, is grieving the lost of a loved one.

Plot twists and dilemmas unfold as the night goes on, yet still a few touching moments influence unique relationships. Making the best of the situation at hand, passengers put everything aside and bond over Christmas carols, tree decorating, and even the creation of a makeshift nativity.

In a powerfully delivered, yet heartwarming, scene, Mrs. Peddington (Della Reese, “Touched by an Angel”) shares the story of Christmas. “He could have sent a lightning bolt out of the sky to destroy all the bad things in the world, but he didn’t.” she shares. “God decided to come to this world, and he came as a little helpless baby. That’s got to be one of the greatest miracles that ever happened.”

Despite the beautiful moment, it doesn’t take the enemy long to attack. You see, Nick despite his rugged appearance, is actually fleeing to get away from a troubled lifestyle. His brother, who heads their unlawful activities, bombards the airport with threats and violence demanding Nick to finish the crimes he started. Just a few hours ago they were all complete strangers, but this incident brings all the travelers together as they stand up in Nick’s defense causing his brother to back down.

The brave act of protection and love from the travelers is a true display of how God protects us from all harm and danger despite our past failures. You can’t help but to think … was it is the same guarding power that prevented the plane from departing into life-threatening weather conditions? Was it the same hedge of love and protection that intentionally placed total strangers at Gate 213 so that they would be forced to experience necessary emotional healing?

Featuring well-known favorites such as Rae, Reese, Louis Gossett Jr., Shirley Jones, and Jaci Velasquez, Miracle at Gate 213 is a humble reminder of God’s matchless ability to pay attention to the intricate details in our lives ensuring we have all we need even during the times when we feel hopeless.