Holocaust Remembrance: Never Let It Happen Again

David CerulloBy David CerulloApril 21, 20202 Minutes

During World War Two, Winston Churchill received intelligence regarding the atrocities of the Nazis against the Jews soon after the German invasion of the former Soviet Union in June of 1941. Messages from British intelligence told of the wanton murder of thousands of Jews.

He first made reference to these killings in a broadcast on November 14, 1941:

None has suffered more cruelly than the Jew the unspeakable evils wrought upon the bodies and spirits of men by Hitler and his vile regime. The Jew bore the brunt of the Nazi’s first onslaught upon the citadels of freedom and human dignity.

He has borne and continued to bear a burden that might have seen beyond endurance. He has not allowed it to break his spirit; he has never lost the will to resist. Assuredly in the day of victory the Jew’s suffering and his part in the struggle will not be forgotten.’
Sadly, in some parts of the world, the suffering of the Jews during the Holocaust of World War Two is being forgotten – both by those who want to blot out its memory, and through those who are unwilling to educate the next generation.

General Eisenhower foresaw the day when people would deny that this horror of human history ever happened. That is why he insisted that reporters and photographers thoroughly document what happened in the death camps. We must resist this growing threat. Every generation needs to know about the tragedy of the Holocaust to help prevent this kind of genocide in the future.

We must also stand strong against the trend of anti-Semitism growing in America and around the world. God calls Christians to support our Jewish brothers and sisters and to pray for the peace of Jerusalem.

I urge you to lift up prayers for Christians and Jews facing persecution around the world. And join me in once again remembering the Holocaust and in making it known, that we may never see it happen again.

God bless,

David Cerullo