Cup of Christmas: Propose a Different December

Kim CrabillBy Kim CrabillNovember 28, 20223 Minutes

Can you believe it’s Christmastime again? Are you, like me, wondering where in the world the year went?

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Hello everyone and welcome to Strengthen Your Walk. I’m Kim Crabill inviting you to a brand-new, refreshing series called “A Cup of Christmas.” Now, we all know that the beginning of a new month can trigger a rush of guilt and regret over the things we meant to do and just didn’t. But December is the worst month of all because, in addition to all our unfinished tasks from the previous eleven months, now we have a mile-long Christmas to-do list starting with us. It’s overwhelming and can be a bit — okay a lot — frustrating.

But I propose something different; another way for us to enter into our month. Philippians 3:13 reminds us that we can forget what is behind. Now remember, “forget” doesn’t mean to not remember, it means not to be held back by what has happened. So, what if we let go of what is behind us and gaze with anticipation at all that lies ahead? What if, amid the holiday mayhem, we decorate ourselves with the wonder of Christmas! Sound amazing? Interested? Want to join me?

Well, it’s so much easier than you might think. It can be as simple as giving ourselves a Christmas gift of time. What do I mean? Well, I hope you’ll decide to take a few minutes each day, grab some coffee or tea, and join me right here for a short Christmas devotional and maybe even a short prayer. By doing so, we can stop, be still, reset, and allow the love and peace of God to fill our anxious, striving, and overwhelmed hearts. I truly believe that, if we commit to this, not only will you and I become the best of friends but we will end up having the best Christmas ever. May I pray for us now?

Dear Father, I know You have more for my friend and me this Christmas than long lines, burnt cookies, tangled lights, and a wrecked budget. Please fill us with a fresh sense of the wonder of Christmas and allow Your peace to cover the worries.

If you’d like to read more, go to Philippians 3:12-14.

Thank you so much for joining me and I pray our time will strengthen your walk during this Christmas season.

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