Cup of Christmas: Live Beyond Your Means

Kim CrabillBy Kim Crabill3 Minutes

Hello friend and welcome back to Strengthen Your Walk. I’m Kim Crabill. Please grab your coffee or tea and let’s sit for just a minute. Join me for today’s “Cup of Christmas.” It’s our special time to stop, be still, and prepare ourselves for what God has for us to do today.

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So, I have a challenge for you today. Are you ready? Here it is! I’m challenging you to live beyond your means today. Yes, you heard me: live beyond your means. You didn’t expect that, did you? But, of course, you know there has to be a twist and there is.

Live beyond your means, but not financially. I’m talking spiritually. All through the Bible, we see people who are asked to do what was beyond their capacity or comfort or even natural ability so that others would see and be reached with God’s love and generosity.

Just imagine what would have happened to the five thousand people who had come to hear Jesus had there not been one little boy who was willing to sacrifice his lunch, give his all. By giving what he had, he was able to see how God could allow him to truly live beyond his means, beyond anything that he could have ever imagined!

Ephesians 3:20 — my life Scripture that I love so much — says, “Now, glory to God, who is able through His mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we would ever ask or even imagine.” I know this is as much your heart this Christmas as it is mine; not to fall in line with the world, extending yourself beyond your financial means, but to align yourself with the word and experience life beyond anything you could ever imagine.

Here’s the thing: we can do this today by simply saying yes to whatever God asks us to do. He is ready, willing, and able to do immeasurably more than we could imagine in our lives. Just think: what could our Christmas miracle be? There is a way to find out. Let’s pray.

Dear Father, we’re not sure how You want to work through us but here we are committed, ready, and willing. We’re asking You to fill our lives today with Your power so that those who see You at work in us will be blessed beyond belief this Christmas with love, joy, and peace. Lord, we just thank You for giving Your life for us.

Thank you friend for joining me. I pray our time will strengthen your walk this Christmas season.

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