Cup of Christmas: By Name

Kim CrabillBy Kim Crabill3 Minutes

Hello friend. Welcome back to Strengthen Your Walk. I’m Kim Crabill. Please grab your coffee or tea and let’s sit for just a minute. Join me for today’s “Cup of Christmas.” It’s our special time to stop, be still, and prepare ourselves for what God has for us today.

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So, I have a question for you: what is your mailman’s name? What is the name of the young man who maybe delivered your firewood? Or the name of the saleswoman who helped you find that elusive Christmas gift for your special person? Well, if you’re like me, remembering names is really a challenge. I can remember a face forever, but names … they escape me so quickly. Even my boys still laugh as they hear me going through all the names on the list until I get to theirs. But you know something? There is something very personal and powerful in hearing someone call you by name, isn’t there? And that’s what Jesus does.

The Bible tells us in John 10:3 that He calls His own sheep by name. Think about that. The moment you met Him, He wrote your name in His Book of Life. And He thinks of you every moment in a deeply personal way and by name. I’ve been thinking about that this Christmas as I’ve concluded that we are never more like Jesus than when we value people as highly as He does.

It may not come naturally, but I can be intentional and challenge myself to surprise someone today by using his or her name. Would you like to join me in this challenge? What a great gift to give. Let’s do it! Let’s call someone by name and then be sure to stop and notice how that person responds. You watch.

You’re going to see that facial expression change and watch that big smile come across their face. Friends, we can spread Christmas cheer with the simple acts of calling someone by name today. Let’s do it. You want to?

Dear Father, slow me down today and help me and my friend to notice the people that You place around us. Help me to remember to call that person that I encounter by name. Use this simple act, Lord, to make that person feel so valued.

Well friends, thank you so much for joining me. I pray our time will strengthen your walk during this Christmas season.

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