Ginny Dent Brant and the Book She Never Wanted to Write (Part 3)

John FarrellBy John Farrell15 Minutes

John Farrell: How has your journey impacted your faith?

Ginny Dent Brant: At first my faith was struggling to be perfectly honest. I didn’t understand how this could happen when I was trying not to get cancer. But when I learned all the ways that God created the body to heal, and I saw how someone like me can go through the worst chemotherapy known to mankind for the longest amount of time and come out totally healthy and thriving, the credit goes to God because He created the body to heal.

I’m just amazed at the wonder of how He created this body. It is so intricate and so mind-boggling. I just praise Him and thank Him for it. It has strengthened my faith when at first I was struggling.

JF: What are some of the risk factors that people should be on the lookout for or be aware of when considering breast cancer?

Ginny: The first four for breast cancer are the same for all cancers. Obesity is the number one risk factor for any cancer, including breast cancer and for COVID-19-causing issues. Obesity – and that’s what all these doctors are saying. Two out of three Americans are either overweight or obese. Then you’ve got the sedentary lifestyle. It’s a risk factor for all cancers, including breast cancer. Then smoking and not drinking alcohol in moderation are risk factors for all cancers.

When you get specifically to breast cancer, on top of that, women who take the birth control pill have an increased risk for breast cancer. Women who take hormones after menopause – that gives you specific risk factors for breast cancer. Women who have children over age 30 – it’s not that it’s a risk factor, but it’s best to have your children before age 30 because having it after is a risk factor for breast cancer. The younger you have your children the better. Then nursing lowers your risk factors for breast cancer. If you don’t nurse, your risk factors go up.

So those were the eight risk factors for breast cancer, and I did not have a one of them. That made me look further and when I found all the endocrine-disrupting hormones that had accumulated at high levels in my body coming from the outside in, through my skin, through the water I was drinking, through the foods I was eating, I had to alter what I was doing because it was clearly showing me that my body could not handle it.

JF: How would you explain the phrase, “We are living in an estrogenic world”?

Ginny: I attended several cancer conferences out West and at one of them I met a Canadian cancer coach. I was just pleading with her to explain to me how I got an estrogen-fed cancer when I had none of the risk factors that give you a high level of estrogen. That’s when she said, “Ginny, we’re living in an estrogenic world. Estrogen is coming into our body through the water we drink, the air we breathe, the foods we eat, and the chemicals through the personal care products and cleaning products that we are working with in our own home.” And I’m like, “What?”

I started examining the labels and doing the research and found out that she told me the absolute truth. We are living in an estrogenic world so much that 1 in 1,000 men are getting breast cancer and 90% of those are estrogen fed. Men should not be getting estrogen-fed breast cancer because God didn’t make them but with a little bit of estrogen. So that lets you know that it’s not just coming from inside our body. If men are getting estrogen-fed cancer, it’s the outside coming in.

I’d already had my body measured for the estrogen in my body before I got cancer and it was not out of whack. So, it wasn’t just what was in my body. It was that combined with what was coming in through my skin, through what I was eating, what I was drinking. I had to learn to clean up the toxins in my home and change what I was doing so that my levels would be where my body could handle them.

JF: How does thankfulness play a role in the eight steps to prevent and survive cancer?

Ginny: I listed it as separate from the other emotions because it has the most research backing it, showing that people who practice a lifestyle of gratitude, even in the middle of a crisis – gratitude promotes healing in the body. Even secular scientists have research to confirm this.

Paul tells us in Philippians 4:6-8, when you’re in the middle of the trial of your life, as he was in prison, you are to pray about everything. Give thanks for everything and let your mind dwell on what’s good, what’s just, and what’s lovely. Not in the gutter and all the things around you. When you’re in the middle of a cancer journey, if you look at all the things to be concerned about and afraid of … I was signing papers with two and three pages of side effects and the last thing was always “including death.”

When you have to continually sign that and stare that in the face and dwell on that, guess what? I’m not going to do too well. If I dwell on how God created the body to heal. If I sing joyful music of the Lord. If I read His scriptures and I concentrate on His Word and the promises in His Word even during chemotherapy, guess who’s going to fare better? And if I count my blessings, and I certainly had a lot of blessings to count, I did that throughout the journey. Why? It promotes healing in the body.

JF: What’s next for you?

Ginny: Well, I’m retired from being a counselor in the public school system and adjunct at the university. So, what I’m doing with my time is I’ve been writing this book. I’ve released it. It won an award at the Advanced Writers & Speakers Association – The Golden Scroll. I got first place in the memoir category.

What I’m doing now is mentoring people through the cancer journey. Some people as they’re reading the book, they’re getting in contact with me through my website and asking me further questions and I’m open to helping. I felt like God spared my life and I can certainly help people to promote healing in their bodies.

From here on out, I plan to write more and speak more and mentor people more. This is from the gal who didn’t want to talk about cancer or write about it or speak about it publicly. God has just lifted that from me and given me a desire to help.

I live in a cancer world. I’m constantly looking at cancer research. I’m constantly mentoring people that are in the cancer journey. That has its ups and downs because sometimes cancer is people’s ticket to heaven. It’s hard for me to see that happen even though the people I’m mentoring, most of them are Christians and they’re going on to the eternal promises, which is a good thing. That’s what God has called me to do for now.

I was always a writer and a speaker. I will always speak about my conversion story because I was a child of Watergate. Right before Watergate hit my family, when my dad worked for the president, I became a Christian and God used me to reach out to my dad as he was going through the trial of his life and to pray for them to give him guidance, although he wasn’t always listening. He ended up giving his life to Christ and going into full-time ministry. I constantly speak about what God’s done in my life and what God’s teaching me.

JF: Is there anything that I left out that you would like to share or something that you perhaps like to reemphasize?

Ginny: I have a cancer wellness and prevention blog at where I post weekly about what I continue to learn. I go into the details of every fruit and vegetable and what it can do for your body and new things that I’m learning about. New techniques and new research in cancer because things continue to improve as far as surgeries and medical technology.

President Carter has lived five more years because of a pill invented by a Japanese doctor and an MD Anderson doctor. Five more years he’s gotten out of life in his nineties. That would be unheard of years before. No one in their nineties could take chemotherapy and live and instead, he got a pill and he’s lived five more years. Now, recently his cancer has come back, but that pill extended his life five years.

There’s always new stuff coming out so I educate people on all the things that I continue to learn and go into more detail on certain issues than I could go into in the book. If they sign up for the blog, they can download the chapter in my book on exercise, which I think is probably one of the strongest chapters. I don’t know which is stronger, food or exercise. They’re all valuable, they’re all needed. But when you see all the things that exercise does for your body, it will blow your mind. And if you don’t like to exercise, you will begin to like it because of all the benefits and it’s free.

Most of the things in my book don’t really cost much. It’s when you get to the food and the higher quality food, yes it does. But in general, rest doesn’t cost you, hydration doesn’t cost you, eating these foods rather than these foods doesn’t cost that much, and exercise doesn’t cost. There are so many things that anybody can do and I wrote the book with that in mind.

In the back of my mind, I had pictured this young mother who has three kids and she’s trying to homeschool her kid, but she wants to provide for them a healthy environment. That’s what that first category is for. You want to prevent disease and cancer in your home. I’m giving you what you can do that just really doesn’t cost much at all. Then the next category, you might have to spend some more money and the last category costs the most, but the point is everybody doesn’t have to do all three categories. Someone like me, yes. They’ve already told me I’m high risk. I’m not promised tomorrow so I’m doing everything I can so that I am promised tomorrow. So that I can continue to minister to other people until God takes me home.

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