Aligned for Our Assignment

Theresa RoweBy Theresa Rowe5 Minutes

Have you ever wondered if you are where you should be? Let me ask it another way. Do you feel like you are in alignment with God? Are you aligned for your assignment? Perhaps you are asking yourself, “How in the world do I position myself to be in alignment with God?” These are all great questions we should ponder on a regular basis. Without regular head to toe posture checks we can become out of alignment, missing out on opportunities for blessings.

From a physical standpoint, one thing I spotlight in all of my fitness classes is maintaining proper body alignment and positioning while performing an exercise. I recognize the importance of verbal modification and progression cues during each class. Cueing helps students immediately seek awareness of their posture and breathing. While some students are attentive to my instruction, checking their posture and realigning on the call, other students are slower to adjust, remaining out of position and sometimes vulnerable to injury.

If we fail to listen, continue to operate out of alignment for a period of time, there is an increased chance for greater injury later on. Listening closely to your trainer for verbal cues on posture, modifications, progressions, and transitions, has a beneficial effect, and reduces the possibility of injuries. But with that being said, sometimes we can find ourselves out of alignment, even when we are careful with our body.

It had been three years since my last visit to the chiropractor. I was a little concerned they may have purged me from their system, but they welcomed me back and updated the file. It was obvious to the doctor I was out of alignment. After working on my back and neck, he mentioned that I needed some extra help that day. I sort of laughed and agreed, “Yes, I did need help.”

In the Book of Ruth we see an example of proper spiritual alignment. Ruth became a widow at a very young age. After her husband died, Ruth gave up everything, including her homeland, to follow her mother-in-law Naomi back to Bethlehem. Because Ruth made the move with Naomi, she was in a position of alignment to receive God’s blessing. Ruth transitioned to Bethlehem out of her love for Naomi, and in turn, ended up in the genealogy of our Savior, Jesus Christ. If she had not listened to the cue of her heart, she would have missed out on the greatest blessing in her life.

Perhaps there is another barrier to your blessings. Spiritual alignment requires looking in the mirror for long-term alignment issues. Deuteronomy 28:2 promises, “You will experience all these blessings if you OBEY the Lord your God.” It is His promise!

Don’t just assume what happens in your life is merely coincidence or happenstance. When you pray and seek God with all your heart, He answers your call. Listening to His voice, and promptly adjusting in obedience, is key to your generational blessings and lineage. God may ask you to pick up and move, or do something that on paper doesn’t make sense. One thing is for certain, when God asks you to do something for Him, He will provide all you will ever need to make it happen.

Does it feel like it has been years since you were in proper alignment with God? He is right where He has always been. He has not purged your file or forgotten your name. God wants us to be in a right relationship with Him. He wants us to be in proper alignment so we can hear from Him. Ask God what kind of shifting you need. He will show you in His timing. It may be as simple as falling to your knees in prayer and asking for “some help.”  Now that is truly being aligned for our assignment!

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