Fathers: You Are Called to Empower the Next Generation

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries3 Minutes

How would you answer this question: What’s the biggest crisis that families are facing today? Many believe it’s the failure of fathers to fulfill their God-given roles.

In fact, according to a recent report issued by the National Center for Fathering, almost 80% of Americans believe that families that are fatherless—both emotionally and physically— are “the most significant family or social problem facing America.”

The evidence about the influence of fathers on their children is overwhelming. A survey of more than 20,000 parents found that when fathers are involved in their children’s education, “children were more likely to get A’s, enjoy school, and participate in extracurricular activities; and less likely to have repeated a grade.”

Even one-year-olds with fathers who were involved were “less likely to cry, worry, or disrupt play than other one-year-olds whose fathers were less involved.”

Isn’t that what you wish for your children?

What the Bible Says

The Bible tells us that the family unit was designed by God, and that the health of the family depends on every person fulfilling his or her role. The role of the man is particularly central, as a husband and as a father. Yet, tragically, millions of men today are failing to fulfill their role.

Regardless of whether your children are young and still live at home or are adults with lives of their own, by the example you set and the decisions you make, you are sowing seed into them that will produce a lifetime of rewards.

Likewise, any hidden inequities — the sins you think no one knows about — will affect the lives of those you love for generations to come.

Start Making a Difference Today!

For your sake—but more importantly, for the sake of your children and generations to come—you must seek freedom from any apparent or hidden bondage that you may be living in.

Today, ask God to help you live a blameless life before Him and your family. By the power of Jesus Christ living within you, confess your sin to God and cry out to Him for the power of His Holy Spirit to set you free!