Return to the Hiding Place: A Story of Courage and Love

Return to the Hiding Place: A Story of Courage and Love

Roone AcreeBy Roone Acree3 Minutes

Amid the atrocities of Nazi Germany – when Jews were killed in gas chambers and slaughtered in violent executions – God raised up valiant men and women to be His light bearers in a time of darkness. Just as the tragedy of war touched the conscience of an entire generation, the love and courage of one Christian man and his friends live on as a monument of hope.

From the makers of The Hiding Place comes a powerful film set in the Netherlands during the tumultuous time of World War II. Return to the Hiding Place recounts the story of Hans Poley, a member of a student resistance army and one of the first fugitives in the home of Corrie ten Boom, a champion of Jewish refugees hiding from German officials.

The story is set in Nazi-controlled Holland, where a student army bands together to hide Jews from the grasp of the German invaders. Made up of Hans, Piet, and other brave friends, these resistance fighters embark on a nonstop, action-packed quest to rescue the Jewish people, all while navigating a deadly labyrinth of personal danger to save innocent lives from the murderous Nazi regime.

An inspiring story of courage and strength, this film depicts a realistic and stunning portrayal of self-sacrifice and love. Even amid the chaos of war, student fighters are able to find love in the bleakest of circumstances. Some find faith and purpose – while others come to the realization that even those who are supposed to be their closest friends can betray them in a time of crisis.

Hans himself discovers this fact when he asks church leaders for help in hiding a refugee from Nazis officials. But instead of taking the refugee in and saving his life, they condemn him for his immoral past, despite the evidence of a repentant heart.

Like many stories about this era, the characters nearly lose hope because of the overwhelming death and destruction that surround each of their lives. Even the bravest souls in the resistance army become discouraged and wonder if their purpose is doomed to defeat.

And yet, despite it all, Hans and his friends are driven to do what’s right in the face of extreme risk and personal danger. They lay down their lives, not as glorified heroes, but servants of God, defying the Nazi peril with the greatest weapon of all – God’s amazing love.