Tim Mahoney and The 7 Churches of Revelation (Part 3)

John FarrellBy John Farrell5 Minutes

John Farrell: It’s rare to see an international partnership like the one you have with Thinking Man Films, Revelation Media, and Millennium Production, all working together on a film series such as The 7 Churches of Revelation: Times of Fire. To your knowledge, is this the first time something like this has happened? How do the three entities work together to create this film series?

Tim Mahoney: Initially Krzysztof, a French filmmaker, made a series. I don’t know too many current projects like this, where we know that we’re melding both the combination of a French filmmaker, making a film in French, and then coming to me and basically saying, “I think we should make this into a feature film.” That was my contribution.

We needed to shape it for more of a Christian audience. I felt he needed to have some more teeth in the film. Then we had to translate it all into English and he had to re-cut it, and he had to re-shape the film to make it into a theatrical film.

My expertise was putting films in the theater because of my other Patterns of Evidence films. Revelation Media, who made a feature film called Pilgrim’s Progress heard about this. They’re also involved with marketing. So, the film had my expertise in getting things in theater and my marketing along with Revelation Media’s outreach and marketing.

We realized that distribution was a key component for any film that’s out there, whether it’s a Christian film or secular film. We knew that we needed to combine forces. I had different marketing techniques that I would use and Revelation Media had different techniques. We combined those techniques to then put together not only a theatrical release with Fathom Events, but also an international digital release.

JF: How can people find more information about your films and your company?

Tim: For the films, you can visit www.7churches.com. For my company, they can go to www.patternsofevidence.com to learn about the Patterns of Evidence films. They can purchase videos, they can sign up to be a thinker. Patterns of Evidence is now a foundation, and we actually have something called the Historical Faith Society for people who are interested in history and the Bible and archeology and passing on their faith to the next generation. That site is www.historicalfaithsociety.com.

JF: Is there anything else that you would like to add that perhaps you didn’t have a chance to say or is there something that you’d perhaps like to re-emphasize?

Tim: I think we need to not be afraid of the return of Christ, but we need to make sure that we’re ready, that we’re doing the things we’re supposed to be doing. Whether Christ comes today, tomorrow, or in the future sometime.

I think for many, many people, they might be living in their last days, and they don’t even realize it. I can tell you I’ve lost good friends of mine in the last year. I’ve lost both of my parents. I’ve lost good friends that were too young to die. We’ve lost two young people. We don’t know when our lives are going to be gone and we only have one life, and it’s short.

We need to be sure that we’re doing the things we’re called to do while we have opportunity to do them. I would encourage people to see this film because I think it’s going to inspire and encourage them and move them to ask the Lord and to do a self-inspection of their own heart. Are they ready for the return of Christ? Are they doing the things they’re supposed to be doing? Because those letters to those seven churches were telling them that in some cases they weren’t, and they need to make things right. It might be a time when we just say, “Lord, am I doing the things I’m supposed to be doing? What do you want me to do?”

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