‘The Fresh Table’: Good Food & Fruitful Conversation

John FarrellBy John Farrell5 Minutes

My youngest son, Liam, has always wanted to be a chef when he grows up. He loves experimenting in the kitchen with interesting food combinations and trying out new recipes with little deviations from what the directions call for to make them his own. Most of the time, his creations are great. However, there are times when they’re … not so great or not even digestible. (One of his earliest meals was a soup that used Diet Pepsi as the base. I wish I could say I’m kidding, but sadly I’m not. Fortunately, I’m allergic to diet drinks and was excused from having to taste. My wife and his older brother weren’t so lucky.)

Despite the weird concoctions he sometimes conjures up we’re always happy to let him try his ideas out as he explores his way around preparing a meal. He loves having the opportunity to let his creativity run wild in the kitchen although we must reign him in every now and then.

Ever since he’s shown an interest in becoming a chef, we’ve bought him cookbooks that we knew he’d enjoy like The Geeky Chef Cookbook and Roald Dahl’s Revolting Recipes. Also, we started watching cooking and baking shows together. Some of our favorites include “Nailed It!,” “Chopped,” “Kids Baking Championship,” “Cupcake Wars,” and “Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.” It’s always interesting to see how he applies what he reads in the cookbooks and sees on television to what he cooks in the kitchen.

Recently, however, I was introduced to a new cooking show that I told him about, and he wants to watch it with me. The show is called “The Fresh Table,” starring Michelle Spadafora. Although I’ve already watched all the episodes and I can’t wait to rewatch them again with him.

What I find so refreshing about Michelle’s cooking show (she also has a fitness show called “Faithful Workouts,” which can be seen on Inspiration TV) is that each episode has a specific theme that it addresses. So, if you’re looking for an episode on grilling, entertaining, low-carb cooking, preparing multiple meals at once, creating healthy desserts, making amazing appetizers, throwing a taco party, feasting on seafood, or anything else related to cooking, “The Fresh Table” most likely has it.

The recipes that Michelle and her hosts (usually her son-in-law Avery Ross) share are always healthy and easy to prepare and create (or at least they make it look super-easy). Some of the recipes they masterfully whip up in the various episodes are mustard-coated pork tenderloins, Brazilian fish stew, barbacoa, Argentinian chicken, frittatas, fruit crisps, and many other delicious offerings.

However, what sets “The Fresh Table” apart from other cooking shows is the conversation. One of the coolest aspects that Michelle always manages to blend into each episode is fruitful discussion on a topic from a biblical perspective. Whether she’s giving relationship advice or talking about serving others or the importance of community, it’s always on point and relative to the theme of that episode. She is also not afraid to recite scripture that is meant to inspire and encourage others to open their homes to others and sit around the table while sharing meaningful conversation.

Although Liam hasn’t seen an episode of “The Fresh Table” yet, I know he’ll enjoy watching it and spending time with his dad. That is if I can pull him away from baking the Bruce Bogtrotter’s Chocolate Cake from Dahl’s Matilda.

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