Sibling Superlatives: The Erwins

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Keith Erwin is the oldest of four siblings that comprise The Erwins, a Southern Gospel group from Texas. Together with his two brothers and sister (Kody, Kris, and Katie), they have sung their entire lives, performing in more than 270 concerts, revivals, and conferences every year throughout the country. As a group of young adults all in their twenties, the Erwin siblings are proving that Southern Gospel — a musical genre that usually attracts the older generations — has no age restrictions.

Recently, Keith was kind enough to answer some questions regarding him and his three siblings. We hope you enjoy!

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John Farrell: Between you, Kody, Kris, and Katie, who was the best behaved growing up?

Keith Erwin: I would say probably either me or Kris. Kody was the rebel, and Katie was the spoiled one. Kody was the rebel. He still is. He’s always had the rebel personality. Katie is the spoiled one because she’s the only girl, and she’s the youngest. So, that’s naturally the spoiled one.

JF: Fair enough. Who was the best student?

Keith: Oh, man. I would say Kris.

JF: Who’s the most talented?

Keith: I would say Kris.

JF: Who would you say has the biggest fan base?

Keith: I would say Katie most definitely because she’s the youngest, and she is our social media person when it comes to all of our ministry outlets. She’s the one that tends to those, but also because she’s got her own personal profiles and stuff. So, with her being the youngest, I would say she’d probably have the biggest following.

JF: Who’s the loudest?

Keith: Probably Katie or myself. [Pause] I will take that probably because I’m the most people person of the group. And I guess you could say that I’m the spokesman. That’s not self-proclaimed; that’s kind of what everybody says.

JF: Who’s the funniest?

Keith: Kody. Definitely Kody. Kody comes across as being quiet, but he is definitely the court jester of the bunch. No doubt.

JF: Who’s the most athletic?

Keith: It would be either me or Kody. Kody and I both love to play basketball. I was All-State twice and had a couple of basketball scholarships presented to me. That was another thing that God showed me that this is what God wanted me to do – to forgo the basketball opportunities and to sing with my family.

Kody was All-American. As far as every homeschool basketball player in the country, he was an All-American. He had basketball opportunities also. So, I’d say me and Kody.

JF: Who’s the most accident prone?

Keith: Katie. Most definitely. Katie’s the most accident prone. Katie could be a Mrs. Magoo, honestly. That’s what Katie would be.

JF: Who’s the best cook?

Keith: I would say me because I love to cook, but Kody and Kris can cook, too. All four of us kind of like being in the kitchen.

One of my big hobbies is smoking brisket and smoking barbecue. I’ve got a big barbecue offset smoker that I smoke meat with — chicken, turkeys, and all that. I smoke all the turkeys around Thanksgiving, and I do a couple of briskets every year. I really enjoy doing that – taking a long time to smoke a twelve-hour brisket. I enjoy doing that, keeping with the fire.

I guess I would say me, but like I said, all four of us like to eat and cook.

JF: Who has the worst taste in music?

Keith: That’s a good question. I don’t know. We all four have pretty distinct tastes. I know that’s kind of a subjective question, but we all have a distinct flair. All four of us. Some of us like this, some of us like that, but I’m the one on the phone and you’re interviewing me so it wouldn’t be me. How about that? I’ve got the best. (Laughing)

JF: Who got into trouble the most?

Keith: Being the rebel of the family, I would definitely say Kody.

JF: Who’s the most laid back?

Keith: I would say me. I’m never fazed. I’m usually a person that doesn’t get fazed by anything. So, I would say me. It takes a lot for me to get stressed out or anything.

JF: Who’s the most spontaneous?

Keith: I would say Kris or Katie. Most definitely.

JF: Who’s the worst driver?

Keith: I would say Katie. She could be a Mrs. Magoo.

JF: Who’s the biggest prankster?

Keith: I would say Kody being that he’s the court jester. Absolutely. No doubt.

JF: Who’s most likely to break out into a solo career?

Keith: I’m already doing it, kind of. Dad still does some revivals by himself to which I do the music.

I don’t know if I would ever break out, but I’m the one that’s semi doing it now. I do literally just a handful of revivals every year. Dad and I will do the music and the preaching.

Katie is fixing to probably do a solo record. Maybe. That’s in the works. So, I would say me or Katie.

JF: Last question. What restaurant has the best tacos?

Keith: There’s a taco stand in Canton, Texas – the town just north of where we live in Edgewood. It is the single-greatest street tacos. In Texas, you have street tacos, which is usually carne asada, cilantro, onions, and tomatillo sauce. That’s kind of a Texas flair street taco. So, I would definitely say the Street Taco Shack in Canton, Texas. I should be sponsored by them, but I’m not.

JF: Is that where you got the taco you ate in your video [see above]?

Keith: Unfortunately, that video was done in Nashville, Tennessee. And unfortunately, that was a Taco Bell taco. So, that wasn’t actually the one I was talking about.

Let me tell you a funny story about that. That wasn’t even our taco. Somebody in the studio had gotten Taco Bell for lunch, and there was an extra taco laying there. And we were like, “Hey, let’s use this taco in this video somehow.” So, that wasn’t even my taco to eat, but I ate it anyway. I don’t usually let tacos go to waste.

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