Scion: I’m a Child of God (Movie Review)

John FarrellBy John Farrell6 Minutes

“So you are no longer a slave, but God’s child; and since you are his child, God has made you also an heir” (Galatians 4:7).

When I first sat down to watch Scion, I didn’t really know what to expect. I had been putting off watching the movie for a couple days because I had seen the trailer and it really didn’t do anything for me.

I’m happy to report that I was wrong.

As the plot came to life, I quickly realized that I was sucked in. I wanted to know what was going to happen next … and I wanted answers.

For me, the movie didn’t really take off until Kendra Williams (Grace Fine), a teenager desperate to shed her church-girl image and rebel a little, makes a deal with a mysterious man at a forbidden late-night party. She hands over her cross necklace in return for a new life where she can live however she chooses.

Making a Deal with the Devil

But shady deals made with strange men in stairwells at forbidden parties aren’t usually the best ideas. Unfortunately, Kendra realizes this a little too late.

Drake Covan (Jordan Lane): Let me guess. The guy chose someone else?

Kendra: Yeah, actually. How do you know?

Drake: Well, it’s not too hard. A girl like you comes to a place like this can only mean she’s trying to impress someone. Problem is, you’re not what he wanted.

Kendra: I’ve just liked him for a long time, and then Angie goes and stabs me in the back. I thought we were friends. How could she do that? It’s like she didn’t even care how it made me feel. It’s so …

Drake: It’s so unfair. It feels like a betrayal.

Kendra: Yeah. And here I am telling it all to a stranger. My mom would not be happy.

Drake: You never know who I might be. Could be the devil.

Kendra: I don’t know. Sometimes I just, I feel like I wanna be someone different.

Drake: Well, I could help you with that. But it’ll cost you.

Kendra: Like what, my soul?

Drake: No, that’s too cliché. I’m looking for something different. Your necklace.

Kendra: My grandma’s necklace.

Drake: Yes.

Kendra: I couldn’t. It’s like a family heirloom.

Drake: Okay. You are the one that said you wanted to be someone different. And that necklace symbolizes everything that holds you back. I just wanna set you free from your chains.

To clarify, yes, Drake is correct. He is the devil. At least he is the living embodiment of the devil bent on separating Kendra from her faith and Jesus. And the necklace? It’s a cross. By taking away her cross necklace is a symbolic representation of the devil stripping away her faith.

Years earlier, her Grandma Williams (Candace Dixon) gave her the necklace saying, “This is for when darkness comes knocking it. I was able to look at it, and I would know who I was. I am a scion. I am a descendant of a noble family. I am a child of God. And so are you. Nothing and no one can ever take that away. Not even the devil himself.”

In a moment of weakness and desperation to be someone she’s not, Kendra hands over her cross necklace.

Consequences of Shady Dealings

As soon as she makes the deal with the devil, she wakes up in a world turned upside down. It’s the same time and place, but she’s a fugitive on the run for crimes she doesn’t remember committing. Chasing her through this living nightmare (and through parking lots and various houses) is Police Detective Miller (David Rash).

Fortunately for Kendra, she is not alone in her attempt to elude the police. Jayden Walker (Kristen Lester) is the only person in this alternative universe that recognizes her. Although they used to be best friends, before Kendra decided she had outgrown “ankle skirts and Bible camp,” the two former friends team up together to get to the bottom of why no one else remembers Kendra (even her own family), why she’s being chased, and, most importantly, how they can reverse her deal with the devil.

If Kendra can outrun Detective Miller, will she be able to track down the devil? And if she does find Drake, will she be able to push him away? And what does this mean for Kendra and Jayden’s friendship?

In order for her to be successful, she’ll need to remember her Grandma’s advice: “I am a child of God. And so are you. Nothing and no one can ever take that away. Not even the devil himself.”

You too are a child of God. Although you may have turned your back on Him in the past, please know that He will never turn His back on you.