Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home: You Can’t Fake Faith

John FarrellBy John Farrell7 Minutes

Although you may be able to deceive others into believing your lies, God is a different story. He hears all. He sees all. He knows all.

He knows the true character of each person’s heart … whether it’s authentic or deceitful. He is able to discern your lies from the truth … and He even knows your lies before you speak them.

Is there a sliding scale that determines the severity (sinfulness) of each lie? Is an innocent white lie you tell your kids the same as lying to your spouse about your adulterous affairs? From a moral standpoint, the latter is definitely more serious and sinful in nature than the former; however, they’re still both lies and technically sins.

If there were such a thing as a sliding scale that measures the sinfulness of lies, where would lying about your faith fall? What if you were faking your faith only to impress someone else?

I don’t know where it would land on the scale, but I imagine it wouldn’t sit well with many, especially our Lord.

When a handsome stranger walks into the coffee shop where Victoria Tremont works in Home Sweet Home (2020), she does whatever it takes to win him over, even if it means volunteering to build a house or “fake” her faith. Natasha Bure (The Farmer and the Belle: Saving Santaland) shines in this cute and endearing flick as the flirtatious, bubbly, pretty, and somewhat self-absorbed Victoria.

‘Fake It Till You Make It’

Victoria is used to getting whatever she wants, especially when it comes to men. However, Jason Holman, played by Ben Elliott (“The Lying Game) is a puzzle she can’t figure out. Unlike most men, he doesn’t immediately fall for Victoria, even after several attempts to catch his eye.

Although she in a new relationship with Ron (Gabriel Cortez Jr.), she is immediately attracted to Jason, who is new to town. Jason works for Homebase Ministries, a non-profit organization that builds homes for families in need. Jason and Homebase Ministries have partnered with Sun City Church to build a house for a single mother and her two kids. In exchange, the church will provide an office.

Upon arriving to his office, Chris (Saint Lorenzo) – a church staff member and Jason’s old college buddy – takes him to the coffee shop where Victoria works with Chris’ wife, Shelby (Josephine Keefe). Victoria is immediately smitten by Jason’s looks, but Shelby tries to squelch any thoughts Victoria may have of pursuing Jason, “I’m guessing you’re not his type.”

Shelby explains that he just moved to town to work with Homebase Ministries, but she doesn’t delve into what his organization does or what she means by saying she’s probably not his type.

It isn’t until she visits her sister, Joy (Krista Kalmus), that Victoria realizes Homebased Ministries is a Christian-based organization that builds homes for families in need. Victoria states that all she has to do is pretend she’s a Christian long enough to get Jason to fall in love with her. Joy replies, “Vic, you can’t fake faith.”

Despite her sister’s advice, Victoria attends Homebase’s interest meeting … and volunteers.

After a rather disastrous first day at the build site, she decides to do some research. She looks up on the Internet how to act and talk like a Christian. Additionally, in order to sell the whole fake persona of being a Christian, Victoria even shows up to the next work day sporting a new “WWJD” t-shirt.

Working for Christ

But Jesus looked at them and said to them, ‘With men this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.’ Matthew 19:26

When Jason first started working for Homebase Ministries, he had only been going to church for a couple of months. The main reason he moved to town was because Homebase Ministries needed a director and he was available, but there’s another underlying reason – his broken engagement. “We were engaged. It wasn’t long before we realized we wanted different things. … I found faith, and she found a reason to dump me.”

He continues, “I’m still trying to figure me out. Believe me, I was trying to belong, act like everyone around me. Total fake. I mean, who does that. … I finally settled into my own relationship with God. And it turns out I don’t have to pretend with Him.”

Regardless of whether his job is a calling from God or he simply wants to get away from his past, it is obvious that Jason is thriving in his role helping people in need and putting other first.

On the surface, Home Sweet Home is a movie about a girl who sees what she wants (aka Jason) and goes for it. But it’s more than that. It’s about a young woman finding and developing a relationship with God. She learns that she doesn’t need to pretend with Him … He’ll know if she’s authentic or simply “faking” it.

While the start of her journey to faith is largely based on a lie, she eventually realizes that God needs a more prominent place in her life. Although her personal relationship with the Lord is still young, she recognizes that she has a lot of areas in which to grow when it comes to being a Christian and knowing the gospel.

While it’s not heavy on theological discussion or Scripture, Home Sweet Home still has a good message that will entertain the entire family. The light-hearted movie craftily blends romance and comedy into a story that although somewhat predictable is still worth watching at least once.

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