A Father’s Legacy

A Father’s Legacy: Ripples on the Pond (Exclusive Clip)

John FarrellBy John Farrell7 Minutes

In my distress I called upon the Lord,
And cried out to my God;
He heard my voice from His temple,
And my cry came before Him, even to His ears (Psalms 18:6).

Everything we do has consequences. Some choices may lead to our darkest days, while some may bring us back from the brink of destruction. Our decisions not only affect us but those around us, those we love and wish not to hurt.

When we do make mistakes and venture down those wrong paths, there are usually others there to help us get back on track, usually family and friends. Sometimes people appear in our lives simply for this purpose, whether we asked or thought we needed the help.

Whether or not we think there is someone to help us during the grim moments, God is always there for us … regardless of our past decisions and their consequences. He is always there, willing to listen and share His Word. All we have to do is pray and read the Bible.

Easy enough, right?

The Legacy of a Father

Unfortunately, the two lead characters in the film, A Father’s Legacy, haven’t realized how easy it is to develop a personal relationship with God and be forgiven.

Jason Mac (“Vampire Diaries”) and Tobin Bell (the Saw franchise) star opposite each other in this thriller about forgiveness, redemption, and owning up to past mistakes. A Father’s Legacy, originally titled The Old Man and the Pond, will showcase for one night only as a Fathom Event on Thursday, June 17.

Billy Ford (Bell) is an elderly man living in a secluded cabin located next to a small pond where he’s lived for 46 years. His late ex-wife, Cynthia, left him years ago. Filled with regret for his past mistakes and encouraged by Cynthia, he eventually turns to prayer: “I only talk to you because Cynthia made me promise to do it every day. Full disclosure, I don’t even know if you’re listening, but if you are you can take me whenever you want. I’m ready.”

Nick Wolfe (Mac, who also wrote and directed the movie) is on the run from the authorities after robbing a warehouse for less than $10,000. He ends up at Billy’s cabin in search of a place to hide and medical attention for his gunshot wound. He holds Billy hostage in his own house. When the sheriff’s deputy stops by the following day to ask if Billy had seen anyone suspicious, Nick threatens Billy to not rat him out.

As the two spend time together – fishing, building a spillway, and skipping stones – they learn about each other’s pasts and secrets. The movie explores the dynamics of the father-son relationship through these two strangers – one who grew up without a father and the other who wasn’t part of his son’s life.

God has a funny way of putting certain people in your path even when you do everything within your power to avoid them. Although Billy and Nick didn’t plan on meeting, that’s exactly what happened. And they’re better because of it. Their relationship was rocky at first (pointing a gun at someone and threatening them will do that), but it is hard to ignore the fact that God’s hand had something to do with their chance encounter and eventually their developing friendship.

The Legacy You Leave Behind

Nick never knew his father and was raised alone by his mother. He never had the opportunity to have the normal experiences a father often shares with his son, like fishing, skipping stones, fixing things around the house, and talking about life in general. In this sense, Billy fills in, albeit for a short time, as the surrogate father Nick never had. Something they both needed.

Learning how to be a good dad is more important than ever to Nick because of the news he receives shortly before the movie’s story begins, but is shown in a flashback. His wife, Jean (Rebeca Robles, “Reprisal”), surprises him with the news that she’s pregnant by blindfolding him and making him take a bite of baby food. Having not had a father figure to show him what it was like to be a good father, Nick’s inner turmoil is understandable.

The choice he makes to rob a warehouse, however, is probably not the best way to prove you’re a good role model for your soon-to-be-born baby. It is perhaps something that Billy tells him while they’re skipping stones that makes him realize that the consequences of his actions impact more people than just himself.

Billy: My dad used to tell me that the ripples on the water were a representation of our life.

Nick: Now, this is a metaphor, right?

Billy: Yeah. Every time that stone hits the water it affects the area around it.

Nick: Is that the people in our lives?

Billy: Can be. And at the center of each circle is a choice we make.

What ripples will you make today?

A Father’s Legacy is an inspirational movie about redemption, family, and realizing how our actions affect those we love. Packed with superb acting and a powerful story, A Father’s Legacy will make you want to call your dad this Father’s Day to tell him you love him. The film is not appropriate for those younger than 12 due to language and violence.