Finding You: A Discovery of Spirit That Will Lift Your Spirits

Finding You: A Discovery of Spirit That Will Lift Your Spirits

John FarrellBy John Farrell7 Minutes

“Life rarely works out the way we plan it. You’ve got to learn to play the sorrow as well as the joy. You can’t have one without the other.” – Seamus, Finding You (2021)


Life doesn’t always go as planned.

The relationship you poured your heart and soul into crumbles, the job offer you expected never comes, a loved one unexpectedly passes away, or an audition doesn’t go the way you hoped.

You’re left wondering where to go from there? What’s the next step?

For many, they look toward the Bible for comfort, such as Psalm 46: 1: “God is our refuge and strength, an ever-present help in trouble” (NIV). Or “Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged, for the Lord your God will be with you wherever you go” (Joshua 1:9, NIV).

In addition to holding closely to the Scripture, a journey of self-discovery may be necessary, or at least some time away from whatever is weighing heavy on your heart.

This holds true for Finley Sinclair in the 2021 romantic comedy, Finding You, starring Rose Reid (The World We Make) and Jedidiah Goodacre (“The Originals)”. Finding You is based on the popular young adult novel, There You’ll Find Me, by Jenny B. Jones, and written and directed by Brian Baugh.

Ambitious Dreams

Finley (Reid) has always dreamed of attending a prestigious conservatory in New York for violin. She has the training, the talent, and the technical execution expected of those attending the music school. However, she lacks one thing – passion. There is no spirit in her music.

When she doesn’t get accepted, she’s understandably disheartened and unsure of what to do next. Music, in particular, violin has been her whole life. She’s worked tirelessly to get to this point to only have her dream crushed.

Needing to get away to clear her head, her mother, played by Judith Hoag (Armageddon), suggests Finley study abroad for a semester. She heads to Ireland intent on discovering that passion that the judges said was lacking in her performance.

“When she goes on this journey, she thinks she’s going to find her music, but she’s really going to find herself and reconnect to this deeper meaning and this deeper sense of knowing,” Reid stated in a phone interview. “When she goes to Ireland, she discovers that she was never alone.”

God was with her … and through strength that only He can provide, she was able to discover and re-ignite her fervent passion for music and life that hadn’t been there before. Or that she had lost amongst the pressures that come with performing in the world of classical music.

Of course, there is someone there to help her realize this – Goodacre’s Beckett Rush.

A Twist in the Plan

Beckett is an American actor and heartthrob seated next to Finley on her flight. He is traveling to Ireland to film the latest film in the fantasy franchise, Dawn of the Dragons, in which he plays the lead, Steel Markov. Thinking him to be arrogant, Finley wants nothing to do with him. This is unusual for Beckett because he’s accustomed to females swooning over him. This only makes the mysterious Finley more attractive.

As things tend to go in romantic comedies, Finley’s plan to move on from her brief encounter with Beckett encounters a problem. The morning after arriving in the charming and idyllic Irish village, she discovers that Beckett is staying at the bed and breakfast her host family owns, and where she would be staying while living abroad.

Unsure of his own path ahead, Beckett has contemplated leaving the acting world behind – at least temporarily – to attend college and try to lead a normal life. Keeping him from following through on this dream is his made-for-media relationship with his Dawn of the Dragons co-star Taylor Risdale (Katherine McNamara, “Shadowhunters”), which is orchestrated by his dad (Tom Everett Scott, That Thing You Do!).

At first, Finley wants nothing to do with Beckett, but as you may expect, things begin to change as he tries to get her loosen up and rediscover the spirit in her music with the aid of the local drunk and fiddle player Seamus (Patrick Bergin, Sleeping with the Enemy). Meanwhile, she helps him realize the importance of seeking one’s own passions and not following the plans of others.

But things are never as easy as they seem when it comes to love … or fame.

Will Beckett’s manufactured relationship and the pressures of living in the spotlight prove to be too much for Finley? Does she audition for the conservatory a second time? Does Beckett follow his own dreams? Will Finley finally be true to herself?

Packed with great music, superb performances, and a timely message, Finding You is the movie we all need right now, but didn’t know it. It’s an inspiring and entertaining story of self-discovery, finding that inner spirit waiting to burst forth, and realizing that you’re never alone during your life’s journey. Reid and Goodacre shine opposite each other, and are surrounded by a strong supporting cast will leave you smiling, cheering, and clapping along.