Alzheimer’s, Family, and Shakespeare in Hamlet & Hutch (A Movie Video Review)

John FarrellBy John Farrell2 Minutes

After watching Hamlet & Hutch, John Farrell and Julia Page McCarley had a lot to say about the 2014 movie starring Burt Reynolds (as the titular Hutch). Join them as they share their impressions and thoughts on the family-friendly film that effortlessly blends drama, family, and comedy with courage and second chances. And after watching their video movie review, be sure to watch Hamlet & Hutch.

Papa Hutch (Reynolds, Smokey and the Bandit) is a former Broadway star who moves to the South to live with his granddaughter, Tatum (Elizabeth Leiner, Drop Dead Diva), and her daughter, Liv (Emma Rayne Lyle, Blue). Shortly after moving south, Tatum is informed that Hutch is in the beginning stages of Alzheimer’s. As is common among people with this condition, he struggles with memory loss, and Tatum struggles with her ability (or inability) to provide the type of care Hutch requires. At about the same time, Tatum and Liv take in a rescue dog — a Greyhound named Hamlet.

To complicate matters, Tatum inherits the town’s local theatre, which is falling into disrepair and is in need of saving. Having no interest or time for theater, she is too overwhelmed to breathe life back into the theatre. That is until Liv develops an ingenious plan to turn the theatre’s luck around. But in order for the plan to work, Hutch will need to draw upon his experiences as a Shakespearean actor and they’ll need to find Hamlet, who has somehow disappeared.

Will Hutch give the performance of a lifetime? Will Hamlet return in time for Hutch’s performance or does he get sold to a dog racer? Will the local theatre be saved? Will Tatum be able to provide her grandfather with the type of help he deserves? For answers to these questions and more, watch Hamlet & Hutch. However, before you watch the film, check out John and Julia Page’s movie review.