Your Unique Assignment

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Each Believer is part of the same Body of Christ. In fact, there is only one Body (Ephesians 4:4). But although part of the same Body and committed to the same Gospel, we may have assignments that are completely different. And we may approach our assignments in completely different ways.

The Bible makes clear that, amazingly, each person is unique in God’s sight. None of us is the same. And He directs us as individuals, and calls us to accomplish specific and different things for His Kingdom. We need to be careful not just to go along with the crowd, but to be sensitive to His leading in our lives.

Examining the differences between Ezra and Nehemiah helps us understand these truths. For these men had similar tasks, yet displayed many important differences.

For example, Nehemiah came to Jerusalem without an entourage, and without telling anyone why he was there. He called no meetings and made no announcements. Eventually, he would do all of those things, but only later, when the time was right. In contrast, Ezra was open and bold about his purpose and presence, not acting in secret. Why? Because he was a different person, with a different calling.

We also see these differences in the ways these men approached their journey to Jerusalem. Ezra had an entirely spiritual attitude, proclaiming a fast, totally depending on God (Ezra 8:21). In contrast, Nehemiah was protected by “officers of the army and horsemen” (Nehemiah 2:9).

In your life, renew your commitment to serve God, and fulfill His calling on your life. Obeying His Word. Surrendered to His will. Seeking to be sensitive to His leading, for you.