Your Hiding Place

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The Judean wilderness extends approximately 60 miles along the Dead Sea. It is an area characterized by rugged mountains, and an absence of vegetation. Very little rain falls in most of this area. The whole region is relatively inaccessible with many steep cliffs and inhospitable ravines. Some descents provide treacherous declines of nearly a mile.

Throughout history, this relatively uninhabited wilderness has provided the ideal hiding place for political refugees, bandits, and others. Some discovered incredible caves, whose obscure entrances lead to elaborate tunnel structures extending deep into the ground.

Recent excavation work has revealed that some caves have narrow passages leading to complexes of rooms. In one cave, passages lead into a hall 165 feet high. Pools of water provide sustainance.

It was to this area that David fled when he was being pursued by King Saul (1 Samuel 24). In this wilderness he found caves that provided perfect hiding places.

David was able to draw on these experiences when he thought about God. He was his “hiding place.” He provided security and safety. When he experienced fear, he could find safety in His presence. He could find peace and rest. He would be reassured and find direction.

That is what God offers to all of us. An escape from dangers and the chaos of life. A place of refuge where we can find peace. Where we can feel secure. Where we can pray and get God’s direction and perspective. Where we can be renewed by His Spirit.

Do you feel discouraged? Overwhelmed? Plagued by problems? Weak and weary? Unsure what to do? These are opportunities to turn to God. To get alone with Him and seek Him in prayer. To lay everything else aside and focus on His Word. To wait in His presence. To rest in Him.

Make Him your hiding place.