Your Future

Your Future

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Frederick Martin Lehman immigrated to America with his family when he was four, settling in Iowa. Born on this day in 1868, he became a pastor but dedicated much of his life to writing Christian music.

In 1914 as he struggled with severe financial problems, he wrote a hymn called “There’s No Disappointment.” Seeking perspective, he remembered that there will be “no weariness, sorrow or pain” in heaven. Everything will be “sunshine and gladness, with never a sob or a sigh.”

He knew that he was “bound for that beautiful city” that Jesus “has prepared for His own.” There he would join “all the redeemed of all ages” to sing praises to God. Life’s burdens made him grow “homesick for Heaven, and the glories I there shall behold.” But he knew “what a joy that will be” when he saw Jesus!

He knew that in heaven “we’ll never pay rent for our mansion, the taxes will never come due.” There will be no poverty, hunger, or thirst, for we will share “the rich bounties of Heaven.” Age will mean nothing for “the old will be young there forever,” and we’ll be “transformed in a moment of time.”

Ask God to give you a glimpse of heaven. Imagine life without pain or sorrow, worry or fear. What a glorious future! Let Him give you His peace. You can trust Him. He won’t disappoint you!