The Word in Action

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

For a quiet man, John Calvin stirred up intense reactions. After he had a personal conversion experience with Christ, he could not stay silent, even though he knew the risks were high. He remained in Paris as long as he could, studying law and writing. But eventually he had to flee for his life.

Possessing an iron will, Calvin became a resolute believer in God’s Word. He diligently studied the Word, looking for insights and asking God to reveal more of His truth. He wrote commentary after commentary. Many of his sermons were rich examinations of the Bible that challenged Believers to study the Word more for themselves. Over a period of just a few years, he is known to have preached 189 sermons on Acts, 173 on Ezekiel, and 200 on Deuteronomy. Through his example and the impact of his testimony, he changed history.

Calvin inspired generations to a more intense, serious faith—a faith based on God’s Word. He called Believers to learn the Word and live the Word. This commitment led to the formation of countless educational institutions. Author David Holmes has pointed out that, “As of 1770, two-thirds of the institutions of higher education in the American colonies were of Calvinist origins.”

Today, the world needs Christians with this same commitment—those who believe in the Word and are ready to unleash its full power! Make sure you are committed to putting the teachings of the Bible into action. Never compromise. Don’t be silent. Stand up! Be bold!