Charred Wood

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

It seemed like a simple example, but it had profound implications.

It was a picture of a piece of wood that had been burned. The middle had been charred, but the wood was not consumed. On the surface it looked as if nothing had changed. Yet, in reality, everything was different. It had become useless, and could not be “made into anything.”

God provided this vivid picture to describe how He saw His people. They had sinned. They had been unfaithful and disobedient. Yet some looked at their lives like that charred piece of wood, convinced that nothing had changed. That life could go on as normal. But, in fact, everything had changed. They had “come out of the fire,” but they still were scarred by sin.

But the day was coming when “the fire will consume them.” Then, they would face God and give an account of their lives. Eventually, because of their sins, He would “make the land desolate.” Unless they repented. Unless they changed.

We, too, can be like those people in Ezekiel’s time. Not worrying about God’s standards. Focusing on opinions of the world. Assuming that nothing will change. Forgetting that God is holy and that we pay a price for sin.

Today, allow God to search your heart, and convict you of sin. Let Him examine your life. The places you go. Your friends and influences. Everything you allow into your mind. What you do with your time and resources. Remember that you have choices. If you allow your life to be polluted, you will pay a price. You will be burned.