Without Profit

Without Profit

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Everything seemed to be in place. The Israelites had seen God’s power in action and experienced His supernatural presence. They had heard His voice. Yet they failed to enter His rest, and even “provoked” and angered Him (Hebrews 3:15). What was wrong?

Yes, they had heard His Word. But the Bible tells us that the word did not “profit” them. The Greek word here indicates that there was no benefit. It didn’t do them any good, even though these words were spoken by God Himself.

Why? Because hearing the Word was not “united” with faith. The Greek here indicates being combined with elements, blended together to generate meaningful results.

These same principles are true today. How many people go to church and read the Bible occasionally, but don’t experience the full benefits? Why? It is not enough just to hear the Word or know about it, but we must believe it, make His Word part of our very DNA, become “united” in faith with the Word, so thoroughly comingled that we are transformed and have such faith in His promises that we put them into practice.

In your life, remember that God offers you real truth and life-changing promises. Don’t just dwell on the surface but make a commitment to go deeper, to walk by faith, to trust God, to be in tune with His Spirit, to be guided by His principles, and to profit from His Word.