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Born on this day in 1879, Italian composer Ottorino Respighi and his wife were staying on the island of Capri. It had been a particularly joyful time. He recently had been introduced to Gregorian chant, a sound that he found inspirational. As one biographer commented, Respighi was filled with “joyous wonder” and the “mystic exultation of profound religious feeling.”

In this atmospheric environment, he began working on a composition he later called Church Windows. Completed in 1925, each scene musically described key moments in his spiritual life.

The first “window,” entitled, “The Flight into Egypt,” portrays Jesus as a baby. The second window focuses on “St. Michael the Archangel,” and reminds us of the awe-inspiring presence of this powerful archangel. This window depicts a heavy battle, as angels battle with Satan’s demons.

The third window, “The Matins of St. Clare,” describes in delicate terms a spiritual pilgrimage, while the last window focuses on “St. Gregory the Great.” Revealing his spiritual intentions, Respighi wrote these words in Latin on the score: “Bless the Lord…Sing the Hymn to God. Alleluia!”

Windows are symbols for how we see the world, whether our view is distorted, or whether we see with clarity.

Make sure that your windows are clear and that you are looking at the right things. Ask God for discernment and clarity, to remove anything that causes distortion and clouds your vision.