When God Withdraws

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

God’s people had become proud and arrogant. They had a false sense of confidence, trusting in themselves instead of in the Lord. They didn’t think they needed God, and they felt justified in ignoring or disobeying His Word. Like a harlot, they had given themselves to lovers and “borne illegitimate children” (v. 7).

Yet when they faced problems, they called out to God as if nothing had happened-without remorse or regret. They weren’t willing to change but thought He simply would rescue them. Hosea told them that “they will not find Him.” Why? “He has withdrawn from them.”

God withdrew so they could experience the consequences of their actions. He wanted them to realize they would pay for abandoning the Lord, and their “lovers” among the false gods could not protect them. God would watch and wait…until they acknowledged their guilt and sought His face. When they finally came to their senses and earnestly sought Him, He would reach out to them in love…restore them…and rescue them.

Even today, many “foxhole Christians” cry out to God when they’re in trouble, but ignore Him in their daily lives. Assuming they can do anything they want, they forget that they’ll always Reap what they Sow.

As Hosea described, there may be times when God withdraws to let us see ourselves and the world anew. He wants us to sense how vulnerable and weak we are-and how much we need Him.

If you ever feel separated from God, take time to humble yourself and acknowledge your need of Him. Seek forgiveness for any sins.

Remember: He longs to have an intimate love relationship with you! Don’t stay away any longer. He is ready to forgive, to heal, and to restore.