What God Commands

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

“Moses said to the congregation, ‘This is the thing which the LORD has commanded to do.’”- Leviticus 8:5 NASB

The Law was filled with God’s commands, assuring that everyone knew His expectations and standards. But perhaps the most important instruction was that this was what “the Lord has commanded.”

Ultimately, the message was that, before God, our feelings and opinions don’t really matter. The most important guideline is simply doing what God has commanded.

This understanding forces us to assess our attitude. Do we really believe that He is Almighty God? Do we really take His Word seriously or think we can develop our own subjective interpretation? Do we really believe that He expects us to know and obey His Word?

And this forces us to assess our personal relationship with Him. To ask ourselves if He truly is our Lord. If He is our Lord, then we must obey Him. If we know His Word, our responsibility is to do those things.

On the surface, these seem like simple issues. But, in reality, people tend to make them complicated. Rather, they interject their own interpretations. They rationalize, explain, and justify. Rather than seeking God, they analyze these “commands,” and create their own meanings. They may think that He is their Lord, but they practice a life of partial obedience.

It is no wonder that people who live in this way do not experience the fullness of God’s blessing. In fact, they have never truly made Him Lord.

In your life, ask yourself if He really is your Lord. Like the disciples, have you left all to follow Jesus? Are you seeking first His Kingdom? Are you praying and seeking His direction? Are you filling your mind with His Word?

In your life, stop for a moment. Turn to God and renew your relationship with Him. Remember that He wants your obedience because He wants to bless you. Make sure He is your Lord. Trust Him.


Prayer: Father, give me a more intimate relationship with You. Thank You that You are with me. Help me to please and serve You. In Jesus’ name. Amen.