Walking with God

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The Bible is filled with the stories of the lives of men and women who did great things. Some were victorious warriors. Some performed miracles. Some spoke God’s words and led His people. Some displayed great wisdom. Some were persecuted, while others were exalted and promoted. Throughout history, others followed their example with lives of faith and obedience.

In their own ways, each of these men and women were honored and remembered.

Yet it can be argued that the greatest honor afforded any man or woman was not given because of any of these deeds. No, that honor was given to Enoch because of one thing: He walked with God. He was so close to God that He took him.

This example demonstrates the heart of God. Yes, He wants our obedience and service. He wants us to put our faith into action and to be faithful servants. But even more important is having a personal relationship with Him. This fellowship is more important than all the acts we perform.

Yet it is so easy to lose perspective. How easy it can be to place our emphasis on actions! We can feel that our success is based on the deeds we have done. We even can feel guilty and inadequate if we feel we haven’t accomplished enough.

Yes, God wants us to serve Him. To be good stewards of the resources He has given us. To deliver His messages. To be His examples. To fulfill our role in the body of Christ. But we must never lose sight of the importance of having a personal, intimate fellowship with Him. To walk with Him every day.

Today, evaluate your personal relationship with God. Spend time reading His Word. Wait on Him and be sensitive to His still, small voice. Seek to be conscious of His presence, and walk with Him.