Walking in Integrity

Walking in Integrity

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

John Adams, second President of the United States, recognized how much he owed to his parents. In particular, the influence of his father, Deacon John Adams. A recent biography of the President describes how the Bible was one of the few books in their home and how the church was a center of family life.

The family lived a tough life on their farm, filled with uncertainty. The elder Adams did not just talk about virtue and integrity but led by example. He taught his children the principle of being “hardworking and frugal.” And, thanks largely to his influence, his son, John, grew up, loving God and His Word, with a commitment to excellence.

The recent biography recounts how “the heaviest blow” of Adams’ young life took place when his father died at age  70. The future President recalled that his father had been “a man of strict piety, and great integrity.” Even though “his sphere of life being not extensive,” he had shaped the life of his family, and, as a result, helped shape world history.

Today, the world needs men and women like Deacon John Adams. People who will stand for integrity. Who will train their children in godliness. Who are dedicated enough to not give in to popular opinion. Who will not compromise, but who stand firm on Biblical principles.

Make sure that you are committed to God and His Kingdom. That you are not allowing the world to shape your mind and heart. Be an example, to your family, your neighborhood, your church, and the world. Walk in integrity. And trust in the Lord without wavering.