Wake Up!

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The burdens of life can become oppressive. Daily issues can sap our time and energy. Looking for relief, many throw themselves into the pursuit of personal pleasures. Ways to escape. The Bible tells us there’s a place for these pursuits. But we’re also reminded why we need the right priorities.

During the time of the prophet Joel, many people had lost perspective. They had become “drunkards,” preoccupied with pleasures and escapes. They didn’t seem concerned about how far they had drifted away from God. And they weren’t sensitive to the dangers that they faced. But God knew about their approaching dangers, the impact of ignoring His Word and tolerating sinful lifestyles. Yet rather than being concerned for God and His Kingdom, many were obsessed with diversions.

God’s message? They needed a wakeup call so He could give them a fresh look at the world. So He could remind them of their past, and help them realize how far they had drifted. Why they needed to change.

Using a picture of devouring locusts, God described a series of approaching invasions. But His people remained complacent. More concerned with entertainment than truth.

How easily these kinds of things can happen to any of us. To become preoccupied with fun and entertainment. To be so focused on ourselves that we become lukewarm about the things of God.

Today, reflect on God’s message to Joel. Are you complacent? Preoccupied? On fire for God? Do you need a wakeup call?