Victory over the Enemy

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

After returning to his native Venice in 1295, Marco Polo amazed Europeans with his account of the 17 years he had spent in China. He had special praise for Quinsai (or “City of Heaven”), known today as Hangzhou. Polo called it the “greatest city that may be found in the world.” Eventually, he realized that the Mongols, who controlled China, had imposed a kind of false peace, patrolling the city with guards.

In his book about Marco Polo, Laurence Bergreen, describes how Quinsai constantly faced the threat of fire. Everyone remembered the horrible fire of 1208, which burned for four days, destroying more than 58,000 houses. As a result, a “sophisticated alarm system” was created with guards on watchtowers always ready to sound an alarm.

However, this focus on fire blinded the city to other threats. In fact, residents of Quinsai were so preoccupied they took few precautions against invaders from distant lands. Because of this obsession, they were vulnerable to a Mongol takeover.

How easily we can make the same mistake in our spiritual lives. We can be so focused on our immediate needs and interests that we don’t pay attention to the spiritual warfare going on around us or to our adversary, the devil. Peter warned us not to take the devil for granted—for he “prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.”

Today, allow God to shape your mind and heart and give you His discernment. Seek to be sensitive to the Holy Spirit, trust in God, and live according to His Word. Remember to be alert and ready for the attacks of the enemy!