Victory by Childlike Faith

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

When they think of answers to problems, many in the world look for those who have experience: People with impressive resumes, encyclopedic knowledge, or great connections.

We often think victory is achieved by those with numerical advantages, economic assets, physical features, or special talents. We can find ourselves depending on human wisdom, education, attractive appearance, or physical strength.

But the Bible says that there is a better way! The ingredient that will “silence” our foes is the praise that comes from the heart of those with childlike faith and complete trust in God.

Young children have no doubts: They know that the loving parent can be trusted. In fact, children provide the model for spiritual success. When we face satanic forces, the key to victory is childlike faith. This is the kind of faith that simply trusts God, believes that His promises are true, relies completely on Him, and assumes that He will keep His word.

The Bible tells us that there is a relationship between children (and all they symbolize) and spiritual power. Here David said that praise comes forth and is ordained “from the mouth of infants” (and even “nursing babes”). It is this praise that brings victory and power.

We need to have this same kind of childlike faith in God and His promises. When we have this kind of trust and faith in God, it bubbles over into praise. Our hearts are filled with confidence, security, and gratitude. We cannot contain our joy. We do not hold back. We are not self-consciousness or worried. There is no doubt or fear.

Ask God to grant you this kind of confidence, this trust, this childlike simplicity, this complete faith in Him. Don’t make it complicated!