Victorious Warrior

Victorious Warrior

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

The prophet described God as a “victorious warrior.” He fights on our behalf and brings victory. But this victory only comes to those who are “humble and lowly” (v. 12). Those who depend on Him, and Him alone. Who take refuge in His name.

Not everyone has this level of humility. But people in God’s “remnant” live not by their own desires or the world’s standards, but according to His Word. They put His principles into practice and demonstrate His truth through their lives. They are so confident in God that “they will feed and lie down with no one to make them tremble” (v. 13).

These people can “shout for joy.” They can “rejoice and exult” with all their heart. Why? Because they belong to God, who is “the King of Israel, the Lord.” They know He is with them. As a result, they don’t “fear disaster” (vs. 14-15). They trust Him so completely that they are freed from worries and fears. They have peace no matter what their circumstances may look like.

Today, remember that God can give you this level of victory. This peace. This joy. This confidence. Humble yourself before Him, and fill your mind and heart with His Word. Confess His promises to be true for you!

Dedicate yourself to obeying the Lord, no matter what others may say. Trust Him so completely that you can experience His victory in the midst of every circumstance. You can shout for joy, in triumph! For God is your victorious warrior!