Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Concerned for the Body of Christ, Jude focused his letter on “our common salvation.” Because of this concern, he issued a stern warning, appealing to Believers to “contend earnestly” for their faith (v. 3). Why was this important? Because some people wanted to corrupt the purity of the Body.

What was particularly alarming was that these people acted like Believers. They claimed to believe in Jesus, but they were not wholly committed to following Him. They might have participated in church life, but actually they were enemies, fighting against the Gospel message.

These people abused the grace of God by practicing a lifestyle of “licentiousness.” They embraced lust and excess, acting without restraint and with an insatiable desire for pleasure. Using a Greek word used here for the only time in the Bible, Jude said they “have crept in unnoticed.” They had “secretly entered” the church (New Century Version).

These people were “grumblers.” They found fault and followed after “their own lusts; they speak arrogantly, flattering people for the sake of gaining an advantage” (v. 16). They “cause divisions,” and were “worldly-minded” and “devoid of the Spirit” (v. 20).

This was not a new problem. Jude reminded them that there had been similar infiltrators among the Israelites who left Egypt. Even some angels had rebelled against God. But no one can fool Him!

Jude warned that Believers could not combat these attacks in their own strength. They needed to be strong in their faith, pray in the Spirit, remain humble, and focus on eternal life.

Such attacks still are real in our time. In your life, stay on guard against deception. Focus on spiritual things. Always depend on the Holy Spirit for power, guidance, and discernment.