Unencumbered Praise

Unencumbered Praise

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Performing in public can be critical to a musician’s career. But some find themselves almost paralyzed with fear in these conditions. Many have been victims of stage freight, and found it impossible to settle their nerves.

A famous pianist was so impacted by playing in front of crowds that he retired from live performance and concentrated on recordings. Another pianist was so uncomfortable playing in front of audiences that she frequently canceled concert engagements.

This impact is not imaginary. A leading authority cited studies proving the significant impact emotional and mental factors can have.

Singers in particular can be impacted by stress. This can lead to the formation of knots and ulcers. Anxiety can cause muscle tension, which impacts the voice. The source can be any kind of tension. Personal or family conflicts. Problems on a job or interpersonal disputes.

Actual chemical reactions are associated with stage fright. This can lead to increased heart rate and blood pressure, nausea, dry mouth, and trembling. These problems can become vicious cycles as attempts to solve them can lead to more problems.

Specialists have offered training to try to reduce tension, hoping to enable performers to perform at a peak level. But this often is ineffective.

Similar problems can impact believers. We can find ourselves so plagued by pressures and worries that our thoughts become muddled. We can become obsessed with fear. Concerned about the reaction of others. Worried about the future. Afraid of what might happen. These thoughts and emotions can cloud our minds and block the flow of the Spirit.

David found a real key: Having a “steadfast” heart. This meant being fixed and focused on the Lord. Eliminating anything that prevents a focus on Him. In your life, make sure your heart is steadfast. Commit all your worries and fears to God. Trust in Him.