Undivided Loyalty

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

To the Israelites, Jericho presented an overwhelming obstacle. They couldn’t possess the Promised Land until they conquered this city and its massive walls. What were they to do? No one could have imagined that the key to victory was Rahab, a seemingly insignificant harlot!

After the spies sent by Joshua entered the Promised Land, they lodged in Rahab’s home. Everyone in Jericho seemed to know who they were, and why they were there. The king even sent messengers to take them as captives. Yet Rahab was willing to help these strangers. Never seeming to hesitate, she hid them and sent the messengers on a wild goose chase.

Why would Rahab do such a thing? After all, she was betraying her own people. Yet she told the spies she felt God had given the land to Israel. Word had spread in Jericho about all that God had done for His people, and the inhabitants were filled with fear. They couldn’t compete against Israel’s God.

What did Rehab want in return for her help? Safety and salvation for herself and her family. The spies agreed, and they kept their word.

Rahab made her choice. She made it her priority to help God’s Kingdom, not the world. Ultimately, all of us must make choices like this and decide if we really will serve God. Do we place a higher priority on pleasure, power, riches, and popularity, or on His Kingdom? What are we doing with our time, talent, and treasure? What risks are we willing to take because of our love for Him?

Today, ask yourself if you have divided loyalties. Have you dedicated yourself wholeheartedly to God’s Kingdom? If forced to decide, what would you choose?