Unbelievable Blessings

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Why exactly did the queen of Sheba visit Jerusalem? This required an arduous journey of perhaps a thousand miles for her and her “very large entourage.” The Bible tells us that she, in large measure, was motivated by curiosity. She had “heard of Solomon’s fame” and decided to learn more.

First on her agenda was his reputation for “wisdom.” She wanted to hear that wisdom for herself. Perhaps seeking answers for taxing problems, she tested him “with difficult questions,” discussing “everything that was on her mind.”

She was amazed as he answered every question, regardless of the subject. In fact, “nothing was too difficult for Solomon to explain to her.”

She also was dazzled by life in his kingdom. The buildings and architecture. The food. His staff. The temple and the offerings made there. The cumulative effect “took her breath away.”

It can be easy for us to place Solomon on a pedestal, and marvel at the way he must have overwhelmed people of his time. But the fact is that all of his blessings came from God. They were His gifts.

And the fact is that we serve the same God who so abundantly blessed Solomon. He is ready to give us His wisdom. To bless us with understanding. To multiply our resources. To make us stand out so distinctly that others will come to us, asking for our help.

God can do this because He loves us, and loves to bless us. But He also blesses us so we might bless others. That we might share the gifts and resources we have been given. That we might be a testimony to His greatness.