Trustworthy Men

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

Domitian found it difficult to find people to trust. As author Christopher Krebs describes, this Roman Emperor (who ruled Rome from 81-96 AD) seemed dominated by “paranoia.” He was so insecure that “he preferred walking through colonnades whose surface was so highly polished that he could see his reflection—and, more importantly, what was happening behind him.” This inspired a spirit of fear in others, as “Senators soon also watched their backs.”

Domitian was an extreme case, but many throughout history could ask the Biblical question, “Who can find a trustworthy man?”

As people of all ages can attest, it’s far too easy for people to say they are loyal and can be trusted. But, no matter what a person says or thinks, the truth is revealed through their actions.

So often, we discover that people are self-serving, concerned only with their own interests. Meanwhile, they can be quick to make promises and say they’re loyal. They may tell us that they’ll stand by us in any situation, no matter what the cost, assuring us that we can count on them.

But the Bible warns that few people really are “trustworthy.” The Hebrew word here is used only five times in the Scriptures. It’s a word that means to be established; to be dependable; to be faithful and worthy of trust.

People can demonstrate that they are trustworthy by keeping their word, fulfilling their promises, and being dependable. By showing themselves trustworthy through their actions and words, they help demonstrate that God is trustworthy and dependable, and we can trust our lives to the Lordship of Jesus.

In your life, seek to be trustworthy. Be a person who keeps your word. Show how Jesus has changed your life. You can be a powerful witness for the Gospel.