Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

It seems to have become a common habit. Something that surprises no one. This is the practice of fabricating information. Exaggerating. Or, simply, not telling the truth.

Recently, a major company admitted to faking tests in an effort to escape penalties. News reports have been fabricated to influence public opinion. Rumors have been spread, and reported as fact. As one analyst commented, “News has become more like entertainment than information.”

In this environment, many wonder who they can trust. A recent study found that this lack of trust has extends far beyond politics and the news. Many consumers don’t trust the claims companies make about their products, feeling they don’t live up to their promises. Only about 20 percent trust the advertising of most products. In fact, the majority of consumers didn’t feel that any industries were “worthy of full trust.”

How can this trust be restored? Consumers consistently looked for people and companies who keep their promises. Who are honest. Who listen and respond.

This lack of trust can impact our spiritual lives. We can find ourselves doubting God and losing our faith in His Word. The Bible reminds us we can trust in Him. In fact, our attitude toward life changes as we trust Him. This trust enables us to replace anxiety with confidence. It lifts our burdens and gives us peace. Instead of being worried, we can be filled with joy.

Ask yourself how much you really trust in God. Are you really standing on the promises in His Word? Or are you holding back, and allowing your mind to be influenced by doubt and skepticism? The Bible promises that there is great joy for those who trust in Him and realize that He really is faithful.

Try Him today. Put your faith in Him!