Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

A “troubler.” That was how King Ahab felt about Elijah, the prophet of God—just someone who stirred up trouble.

Ahab was content with his life. He didn’t want anyone to suggest he might be doing something wrong. He just wanted to do anything he pleased—anything that brought him momentary satisfaction and pleasure. The king didn’t want anyone confronting him about God or His standards. Nor did he want to consider that there were consequences to his actions, or that he would be judged someday.

Ahab was uncomfortable with Elijah, and he wished the prophet would just go away, keep his mouth shut, and not speak out. But Elijah refused to back down.

Ahab was like many people in the world today. To them, Christians seem like sources of irritation—nuisances trying to stop them from having fun. When we declare Bible standards, they accuse us of being prejudiced. When we talk about sin, they accuse us of hate. When we say God’s standards never change but are eternally true, they accuse us of being old-fashioned and out of step with the times.

If we speak out, people may ridicule us, mock us, or lash out at us. Some even may seek to silence us and keep us from sharing our testimonies. Some want to pass laws limiting our freedoms. Some even seek to take our lives, hurt us financially, or cripple our freedoms.

If you stand for God, believe in His Word, and speak out about Biblical values, you, too, may be accused of being a troublemaker. If this happens to you, remember to react like Elijah. Don’t back down or compromise. Be resolute to stand for truth. Get involved. Pray. Vote. Never waver in your commitment to God and His Word.