Tried, Tested, Like Gold

Tried, Tested, Like Gold

Inspiration MinistriesBy Inspiration Ministries2 Minutes

His career began with incredible promise. Born in Germany in 1885, Otto Klemperer impressed his fellow musicians. Earning the recommendation of composer/conductor, Gustav Mahler, he was appointed to important posts. His years in leadership in Berlin seemed to prove that he had reached the pinnacle of his craft.

But problems began to mount. He had some personal lapses, with romantic improprieties. A Jew, he was forced to flee Nazi Germany. Settling in the United States, he gained visibility as music director of the Los Angeles Philharmonic, but this proved to be a problem-filled relationship.

Then, an operation for a brain tumor left him partly paralyzed, looking somewhat deformed. He later was institutionalized with various ailments. In 1941, after he left a mental sanatorium, police sent out an alarm for him, describing him as “dangerous and insane.”

Then, suddenly, everything seemed to change. In his mid-60s, Klemperer was “discovered” anew and named “conductor for life” of the Philharmonia Orchestra of London. These musicians loved him. And this partnership made dozens of recordings that have passed the test of time.

He had endured challenges and obstacles. He made mistakes and experienced tough times. Yet looking back on his life, what emerges mostly is his commitment to excellence. A musician who could conduct with authority. Who could create massive sounds and shape phrases in illuminating ways. Who could mesmerize audiences, who appreciated his granite-like, solid musicianship.

In the spiritual realm, the Bible reminds us that God acts to shape us. Like the potter who shapes the clay until he is satisfied and pleased (Jeremiah 18:4). As Job realized, God was trying him through the events of life, but, in the end, he would “come out as gold.”

In your life, remember that God is like that potter. Teaching you. Refining you. Using all of your life experiences to make you into His vessel.