January 20, 2023


Daily Devotional2 Minutes

“When she heard about Jesus, she came behind Him in the crowd and touched His garment. For she said, ‘If only I may touch His clothes, I shall be made well.’ Immediately … she felt in her body that she was healed.” – Mark 5:27-29

Discerning listeners can learn much about pianists just from their touch on the keyboard. One skilled master was known for achieving a pure sound, partly the result of his distinctive posture. Sitting low to the floor, he struck keys from a unique angle. His approach was quirky but generated a memorable tone.

Another pianist is known for his elegant touch and, as one critic described, “the sheer beauty of sound” produced. So stunning is the sound that “one begins to forget that fingers are even touching keys.”

Not all pianists have a memorable touch. The playing of one leading figure was described as “crisp and competent” but lacking in artistic distinction. The problem? His “overemphatic touches” and “aggressive phrasing.”

Touch was an important distinctive of New Testament ministry. This is clear from the story of a woman who had suffered many things and tried many cures. She found relief just by touching Jesus. He knew that “power had gone out of Him” (v. 30). Touching through the laying on of hands was how the Holy Spirit was given (Acts 9:17) and important for imparting the gifts of the Spirit (1 Timothy 4:14).

There is something special about touch. Our touch can provide a point of connection as believers. Touch can reassure and demonstrate compassion and concern. Even a release of the power of the Spirit.

Ask God to help you be sensitive to ways you can touch others.

Reflection Question: How can you touch someone’s life with the Gospel today?

Father, give me compassion for others. Use me to impact lives and show them that You care. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Today's Bible Reading
Mark 5